What we do

We create games!

Currently, we are focused on developing amazing projects for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC about which we'll soon disclose more details.


Our mission is to dazzle and captivate gamers of all ages and walks of life worldwide with intelligent, challenging and breathtaking digital games. 

So, sit back and prepare yourself to open the lid on Pandora’s Box and have your mind blown away by our creations!

Dream Team

Our team is, for the moment, very small, but our passion for game development is very deep!

Eduardo Pereira - Head of Studio

Raphaela Serrador - Executive Producer

Paulo Lafetá - Lead Programmer

Bernardo Bellingrodt - Programmer

Luigi Garcia - Programmer

Bruno Queiroz - Lead Artist

Vitor Balbio - Technical Artist

Jonata Rodrigues - Designer

Rafael Barçante - Designer

Previous collaborators

Walter Neto - Programmer Architect

Vinicius Borges - Programmer

Michel Saito - Concept Artist

Gabriel Cruz - 3D Artist

Diego Maia - 3D Artist

João Gabriel - QA Analyst